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                                               Plug into Free Power…that’s People Power!

                                                      Let’s Start a Movement…
                        One Million “Empowered to Succeed” participants in 2016!

Share the knowledge of personal empowerment.
Its free… its powerful…its life changing!

Send the URL to friends and associates that you feel would appreciate the opportunity to super-charge their goals and make 2016 a year of personal breakthroughs, fresh opportunities and new beginnings.

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Critical Mass Empowerment 

The Vision for Achieveopedia

Early Adopter Program

Limited Time Offer – Our Early Adopter Program

We are charging-up Achieveopedia with members who will lay the foundation of inspiring Power Partners and Community Leaders.

Program Options:

A – Free Additional Membership
You can gift a complimentary membership with one paid membership. You can choose to bring a Power Partner in with you. This may be your life partner, business associate, longtime friend or another family member. They will enjoy a full one-year membership. You may add them at any time.

B – Free Production Center with Intake Coordinator Certification
Opportunity to earn ‘Digital Based Income” as a leader in Achieveopedia to those that qualify. A percentage of the membership subscription is awarded to the Intake Coordinator who helps new members become certified in the dynamics of Atomic Productivity. Those we qualify may also choose to become leaders in the Success Communities they themselves are passionate about helping members organize thoughts, goals, actions and achievements.

Communities we are in the process of infusing with leadership 


Leadership and Income Opportunities for the Physically Challenged     

Achieveopedia is in the process of screening and training “Intake Coordinators” to help new members get certified in Atomic Productivity. We are looking for those with good communication skills, reliable internet access with a passion for wanting to help others to achieve their life goals and objectives. For more information about the position and answers to frequently asked questions click here 


Progress Report Hot Line! (856) 220-9000

Success is the “Progressive Achievement” of personal goals! We want to hear about the progress and breakthroughs you’ve been experiencing.

Call (856) 220-9000 to letestimonials thumbs upave a recorded message sharing the impact Atomic Productivity is having on your personal and professional goals and the quality of your life.


Chamber Success Networkcommunities

Achieveopedia is coordinating Chambers of Commerce throughout the country into a Success Master Mind Community. This service is complementary to all community and regional chambers.

Individual Master Mind Communities include; Event Planners, Membership Sales, Board Development and Community Outreach Programs.

If you would like more information on how your chamber can join and benefit please fill out the application.


Empowering Non-Profits

Globe SupportNot for Profits provide an outreach to those in need in our communities. Achieveopedia would like to lend a helping hand by helping them reach their goals.

We are extending complementary memberships for non-profits and their staff to Achieveopedia. Non-profits can build their own private Success Communities and the opportunity to collaborate with other non-profits throughout the country.

Individual Communities may include but are not limited to: Fundraising, Board and Staff Development, Social Media and Outreach Coordination.


YouthAchievia Coming in 2016

Achieveopedia is dedicated to empowering youth throughout the United States.

This program is coming soon, but if you are a leader of a youth outreach program we would love to hear about your program! To forward us your information click here.


Achieveopedia is the sole sponsor of a worldwide radio program with over 500,000 listeners!

Land of the Lost 45’s  

A live weekly Philly 1960’s style top 40 internet radio program with host Larry Scott. Tune in on Saturday nights 9:pm till midnight and call in any requests. It’s a fun show that will take you back to the 50’s, 60’s even the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. You will have a blast!

You can hear it at or with Tunein Radio on your smart phone download the appropriate app from this link then launch app and search soundsofphillyradio or See and hear us on our LIVE studio webcast at