The Vision for Achieveopedia

It’s certainly challenging to take the journey from wish to attainment on our own. Desire and knowledge can only take us so far. To be able to continually self-inspire, self-innovate and self-motivate until we see our goals become reality is a tall order to complete. Discouragement and resignation lies behind every bend.

Atomic Productivity is practical and powerful. The empowerment principles shared in the Empowered to Succeed program are irrefutable. They are summarized in these three logical steps.

Stage One: Take a goal or project: break it down into identifiable and measurable components so you can evaluate present strengths and weaknesses.

Stage Two: Develop strategies to strengthen any weaknesses obstructing progress or achievement.

Stage Three: Generate and commit to weekly goals with a sincere group of Power Partners and continue to innovate solutions, expand opportunities and inspire one another to succeed.

Positive outcomes keep accumulating over time as we continue to build upon our successes. It turns our passions into performance – performance into progress and progress into fulfillment.

In addition, members have the capability to organize what has worked for them and pass it on to others within our Achieveopedia Idea Banks or create customized training within their own Leadership Centers.

Research confirms enthusiasm and imagination thrive when we are able to interact with other positive individuals who are willing and able to share information and ideas.

Watch Steve Johnson “Where ideas come from” [help name=”ideas” header=”Where New Ideas Come From”]


All of us can learn from shared experiences. Achieveopedia is a platform for the masses to teach and guide one another along the path of achievement.

  • Businesses will use it to collaborate skills and pass forward the succession of knowledge.
  • Individuals will build careers while enriching other important areas of their life.
  • Those with health challenges will finally have a way to make the lifestyle changes that are imperative to their own well-being.
  • Achieveopedia will teach our youth how to achieve what’s possible; and for those of us that have been around for a while, to see new possibilities!
  • Those that feel like life has thrown them under the bus, will discover how to get out from under… and learn how to drive the bus!

Each member decides how Atomic Productivity will make a personal impact in their life. Some will choose to become leaders and inspire others to greater levels of personal rewards.

Our Success Communities are highly organized “Master Mind Centers”. Interchangeable and supportive for any application. The quality of the information shared and posted can be assessed, evaluated and enriched, as members use it to cross train and support one another in infinite ways! The organized collaboration of collective intelligence creates a fluid learning experience.

Whether you are a corporate leader, a disabled vet or one who would just like to put the zest back into your life; anyone can benefit from a consortium of like-minded peers who share a common purpose, strategic goals or personal assignments.

Maybe you would like to get involved in some way in with our national YouthAchievia platform, helping at risk youth gain the tools and the confidence to get a solid start on life?

My wife, Renee and I have had the honor of connecting with inner-city teenagers in Camden, New Jersey in her teen empowerment program [help name=”reneevideo” header=”1985 with Jerry Penacoli”]

[/help]for over 35 years. They continue to be a tremendous source of personal inspiration to us.

May you discover new insights and opportunities from our Empowered to Succeed program.

I hope you decide to take it to the next level and become a full member of Achieveopedia’s Atomic Success Network and possibly even becoming a leader in any of our success communities.

Join us as we help one another become more Empowered to Succeed!

This is Mario Pinardo.

Power on my friends!