Owning a Production Center Presentation

Production and Leadership Centers are located in the navigation bar of every Community and Focus Zone. They are operated on an individual basis and placed in the communities of their choice.

They are available to all Certified Members of Achieveopedia for an annual fee of $350 for the first center and $200 for any additional centers.

Additional centers may come into play when a member wants to offer guidance and support in two or more areas of know-how and inspiration.

For example, one center may be for empowering business owners or outside sales associates while the other offers instructions, guidance and support on vegan cooking or smart phone technology.

It’s up to the Production Center owner to decide whether or not to combine everything into one center or keep it all separated into specifically focused associates, presentations and support material.

Your Production Center can be Public where all can view your programs, Private where members can view your programs only after you have accepted them as an Associate or Hidden where only those you invite can see what your center has to offer.

Production Centers in Private Regions or Business Communities can only be viewed by members accepted into that community.

They are an excellent leadership tool for collaborating and empowering work or sales teams across the office or across the country!

Leaders now have access to proven ideas and methodologies along with an instant and easy to use platform to create a variation of customized training libraries.

All revenue generated from Production Centers go directly to the owners via PayPal, unless other arrangements have been made.

It’s totally up to the owners to decide what is free to an Associate or what payment packages they want to offer.

Members choose to become Associates of someone’s Production Center by taking into consideration of their topics, any recommendations, pricing, personality, availability and the information they have posted in their bio.

Production Center owners are able to present Power Circuits, Webinars and their own on-demand Training Library along the capability of connected links to their own personal website or outside support material.

Presenters are also able to frequently receive 360 feedback from Associates in regards to presentation, quality of information or any outcomes and experiences related to their guidance.

This accountability will lead to greater awareness and increased effectiveness – enabling the presenter the opportunity to continually sharpen their leadership skills.

Production Center owners that qualify for Achieveopedia’s Leadership Program are required to offer 360 feedback evaluations to all those who attend their Power Circuits to provide quality assurance.

Leadership Program participants receive a System Organizer designation and have their Production Center listed in the Leadership Directory at the bottom to the Command Center.

More about our Leadership Program is available in our Levels of Membership tutorial.

Positive feedback and testimonials will create increased credibility which will elevate popularity among community members and result in increased interest and participation Power Circuits, Power Meetings, Webinars and On-demand training library presented by the Production Center owners.

The goal is for the owners to generate personal Digital Base Revenue as Achieveopedia Members receive reliable guidance and information as they become more empowered to succeed.

Power on my friend.