Track 5 – Dynamic Creativity

Crystallized thought leads us to the next empowerment fundamental, creativity.

Knowing how to create opportunity in our life before it exists and then create ways to make it exist in a certain period of time.

Einstein was quoted as saying “Imagination is the cornerstone of human endeavor”.

If you think about it, the great geniuses of our time were people who were known to be highly creative.

It’s been said “imagination creates visualized goals and no person can be any greater than their own personal vision”. So within that statement there are three aspects of creativity; there’s vision, imagination, and visualization. Now, vision is where we are going, imagination is how to get there, and visualization is a mental rehearsal of being there.

Here’s an example of how we might vacillate between the three. If you are thinking of building an addition onto your house, that’s vision, when your start thinking about how you will come up with the money to pay for it, that’s imagination , when you picture how you will enjoy it, that’s visualization.

We use all three when it comes to capturing and creating opportunity in our life. Also, imagination is a muscle that atrophies through lack of use.

By finding ways to actually stretch the imagination it allows us to keep multiplying options and opportunities.

A few of the handouts available on the Achievement Dynamics website help you by stretching the imagination.

Worksheet 1 is called “Create the Opportunities”, which offers a series of different questions to identify a broad spectrum of dreams and desires.

Worksheet 2 is called “The Personal Goals Profile”, where you crystallize the most important opportunities you want to create in your life right at the present moment.

Worksheet 3 is called “Strengths and Weaknesses”, this one has you focus on more specific need as you prioritize your action steps.

Worksheet 4 is called “Characteristics of a Winner”, which is a list of characteristics many achievers seem to have in common. There may be many you already possess, but a few you personally would like to strive for.

Sometimes opportunity comes from a set of problems that need to be solved. We need to approach problems as opportunities for growth. You solve the problem you get the growth.

It becomes exciting to see what happens next. One of the best quotes I’ve ever heard addressing imagination and problem solving is; “No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking”.

I encourage you to print out the handouts on the website and take the time to reflect upon what answers to what question would have the greatest impact on your life.