Track 3 – Developing Personal Characteristics

What is different about empowerment is that it is a self-perpetuating system. It includes goal setting and all the other success vehicles, but it also gives us the ability to identify and modify any personal characteristics needed to become more effective and ultimately improve the quality of your life.

To give an example of how we can have sincere desire, the right motives, and clear understanding of the actions we need to take and want to take, and yet still remain in mediocrity. Look at our society when it comes to personal fitness.

If you were to ask yourself these three questions…

Do you sincerely want to improve the quality of your life?

Do you believe exercise improves the quality or your life?

Do you currently know enough about exercise to start on an exercise program that would improve your current physical condition?

Most people would say yes to all three of those questions, but the most important question is; do you exercise? Nine out of ten people will admit that they believe in and know more about exercise than what their current behavior indicates.

So getting more information on why you should exercise or how to exercise is not going to make any kind of permanent impact on the current level of exercise you’re currently doing.

Poor physical conditioning is the number one cause of life threatening diseases. All of that knowledge and all of those good intentions gets buried with all those poor souls who sincerely wanted to look good, and feel their best.

Now take the same scenario, how many of us believe in and know more about personal time management than our behavior currently indicates? Goal setting, communication skills; if you’re in sales how many sales people know more about what they have to do to multiply their new business leads and make more sales than what they actually do on a daily basis?

Most sales people adjust to making a mediocre living because they lack the tools and techniques to stretch themselves into making a better one. Most often the last thing we need is for someone else to tell us, one more time, why we should do something and how to do something.

Now don’t get me wrong, gathering ideas is always going to be helpful and informative. But, it doesn’t give us the ability to transform ourselves into the person who will achieve the success by using those ideas.

Empowerment is the transformational link that connects dreams to reality.

Your dreams and life goals are kind of like a fitness program for your mind. You’re working on progressing, stretching, and becoming whom you need to be to complete and perpetuate a natural and successful lifestyle.

Knowing how to create that progress, growth and change, when it is necessary to do so, becomes an important part of your character, so you are becoming more effective as a person.

By progressively achieving your goals you are progressively becoming the person you need to be.

As you build you dreams your dreams build you.

The end truly justifies the means.

The biggest breakthroughs come by learning how to master the process, knowing how to coordinate the methods and techniques to a level where it becomes an internal part of your character.

By practicing the fundamentals of empowerment you are applying and slowly internalizing the characteristics to achieving your goals. We simply become the person that will eventually achieve our hearts desires.

To borrow a metaphor: while you are busy feathering your nest with a few golden eggs, you are actually becoming the goose that lays the golden eggs. Now these fundamentals work in every aspect of your life. 

They can be easily applied on both a personal and professional basis.

They can supercharge a work team and have a major impact when applied to professional selling. In fact it is not unusual for a sales person to actually double their productivity in a period of three months or less. Let’s look at the top ten empowerment principles.