Track 2 – The Goal Setting Myth

My original vision back in 1985 was to develop a company that helped people set and achieve their goals.

As I developed my clientele it didn’t take long to realize that setting goals was the easy part, it was achieving those goals that end up being the hard part.

We’ve been told time and time again; if you want to be successful goal setting was the way to get there, and if you are not making the progress that you would like to make or are capable of making it is because your goals are not clearly defined.

That statement was usually backed up by the fact that if you take the time to survey the people that are successful and asked each one how they did it; the common denominator would be that they had written down their goals along the way.

So you think there you have it, the secret to success must be goal setting.

Instead approach the survey in a different order. Ask people who have set meaningful and specific goals at certain times in their life how many they actually did accomplished.

You are sure to find that a very small percentage of written goals are actually ever achieved.

Now where we get into trouble is when we begin to think that this goal setting stuff is working for everyone else but us. So you can’t help but feel you must be the problem.

It affects our belief system, our self-esteem, which can prevent us from going after more rewarding but challenging personal achievements.

Don’t get me wrong, goal setting is part of the answer but it is far from the total solution. The majority of the people who sincerely take the time to formulate their plans never follow through or bring them to completion.

Many of us have a sincere desire to achieve new levels of improved results; whether those goals lie in our careers, finances, health, fitness, and even personal relationships.

It’s heartbreaking when people take the time to put together a plan but keep coming back to square one when it comes to actually experiencing breakthroughs, reaching those new heights of success, and having the staying power to keep on going.

There’s on old Chinese proverb that says a man can stare at a map for several years but gets no closer to his destination until he starts walking in that direction.

Everyone seems to be looking for the secret to success. I don’t know if it’s really a secret, it’s more like having a working system of applications which you learn to coordinate together to progress along the way.

The methods and techniques of personal empowerment were developed by working with clients who sincerely cared about making things happen for themselves.

When you have had the opportunity, like I have, to travel with over 3,000 people along their personal success journeys, it becomes easier to separate the achievement myths from sound principles.

The purpose of our efforts is to create progress and momentum needed to achieve our goals.

To truly make that happen we need a system to stretch ourselves into the person that can support our most important goals and objectives.

Along with goal setting you may have tried other applications that are helpful; like motivational books, tapes, and seminars, maybe even a few extensive and informative training programs.

Most have very good information; unfortunately most often they fall short from being the Holy Grail we’re looking for. You see, motivation is inspiration; training is information, but empowerment is transformation. It involves all the motivation and information you need, but also it gives you the tools and perspectives to create and transform yourself into the person that makes it all happen.

What’s important to understand and realize is that you’re not the only person who is struggling to put it all together for yourself. All the frustration you encountered when trying to achieve the expectations promised by motivation and training programs happen to most people.

We need to understand that reality so we don’t damage our self-esteem and give up on our most important dreams or possibly abandon the most important missions in life.