Track 17 – Tools and Applications

Achievement Dynamics offers a set of tools and support to help you master the process of empowerment.

There are several components to the system that compliment different needs and learning styles.

The four major tools consist of;

The Design ad Action Planner, which is an organized binder and software system you can customize to separate organize and design your life.

The System Manual teaches the flowchart of the empowerment process it has all the design examples to help you generate your own customized system as quickly as possible.

There is also The Empowerment Handbook; this book is a cross reference guide of over 50 topics pertaining to personal effectiveness. Learn how to master all the empowerment fundamentals along with dozens of other topics and hundreds of ideas to help you overcome obstacles, transform behavior patterns, and supercharge your life. This manual also eliminates the need to spend hour after hour in seminars and workshops, you are able to select and reference techniques on an as need basis immediately and then move into integrating these ideas right into your personal program.

The next tool is the Multi Shifting organizer, designed to help you master the art of time management and stay focused on your week to week goals and objectives. The Multi Shifter will help you live a life progressively realizing your dreams.

If your are open to new ideas and looking to improve, then I invite you to take advantage of the research and development the dynamics of personal and team empowerment has to offer.

Unfortunately empowerment is not for everyone, it involves taking more responsibility to create, adjust, correct, and repair the most important needs in your life. It means moving out of your comfort zones to others. Not everyone is willing to take that much responsibility and will just as soon take their chances on the status quo.

A way to explain how the empowerment system gets incorporated into your own life agenda is like taking flying lessons. The instructor takes you through maneuvers and fundamentals along with showing you how to take off and land. At a certain point he is out of the airplane and you are flying solo. From that day forward you are the pilot in command on that airplane. From then on you decide where you want to go and when you want to get there. The empowerment system is the airplane, personal guidance on how to customize your goals and desires is provided until you are more than capable of fully operating the system effectively.

Achievement Dynamics Institute is there until you are ready to refuel and regroup as often as you feel the need, then you take off again on your life journey and on to another life adventure. Thank you for listening. Travel well.