Track 16 – Isolate, Design and Modify

We need to isolate and design our life areas independently, but we need to learn how to execute our life activities interdependently.

We need to methodically synchronize our activities together with our attitudes and habits to keep things rolling in the right direction.

At first, this process may seem complex or overwhelming. The reason is because life is complex. We need to work through that ceiling of complexity so we can assess our needs and drive change in the right direction.

Not choosing to employ the empowerment process doesn’t make the complexity disappear. The truth is you either pay now or pay later. It is that ounce of prevention verses pound of cure reality.

If we neglect areas of our life that are our own personal responsibility to nourish, develop, and advance, things eventually begin to break down. Once things begin to break down then it really does become overwhelming to put back the pieces together again in a healthy working order.

Keep in mind we are goal seekers by nature. We feel most enthusiastic about our life when we are stretching ourselves and our capabilities in a meaningful series of goals that relate to who we are.

It’s about moving through a sequence of one positive achievement after another as we expand and experience our life.

It is more fun to experience change by your own design than it is to be at the mercy of adjusting and accepting what changes happen through lack of focus and maintenance.

Too many times people just adjust to lower standards simply because they don’t know what else to do as their life evolves. Becoming more proactive in our life’s evolution prevents many problems and presents an abundance of opportunities to experience and enjoy life.

Most of our life goals give us a brief widow of time to capture the results and happiness we want to experience and then the opportunity is gone forever.

Some examples would be;

  • Only having so many years to effectively enjoy and raise our children
  • Making a success of our careers
  • Preparing for retirement
  • Taking care of our health now, so as we get older it takes care of us
  • Having a positive impact on other people in society

What is your PNL for your life? In business we know that PNL represents profit and loss, on the personal side PNL stands for purpose and legacy.

Would you be satisfied knowing the greatest thing you ever achieved in your life has already happened?

Life itself presents the ultimate window of opportunity. Maybe we need to reassess our purpose from this point in time as we move forward in our lives.

Your life is yours to use and enjoy and possible leave your mark. Some people leave shiny imprints, others leave dark impressions; some people leave no mark at all.

We need to cut through the wall of complexity that consumes our life and keeps us from breaking through success barriers.

To be more effective we need to approach empowerment in three stages.

  • First, we need to isolate areas of desired change
  • Second, we need to take the time to design our needs, and
  • Third, we need to apply and recommit to the fundamentals that create positive growth and transformation.

As you get better at the applied principles you are also progressively achieving results in the most important areas of your life.

It’s the progression of our goals that eventually lead to the achievement of them. With the focus on progress the extraordinary eventually will become ordinary.

Every time you recommit to your objectives it becomes easier to produce momentum in your personal development and your professional results.

Until we know how to isolate and organize our needs on all three levels; design, attitude, and habit, its only one big guessing game on what to work on next.

Sometimes we take a lot of shots in the dark that only produce a minimum amount of success and sometimes we never address the real issues that would have the most positive impact on our life.