Track 15 – Inspired Collaboration

I mentioned earlier that empowerment had a major impact on work team applications. Those who had the responsibility of managing a team of people in the work environment understand the challenge of getting everyone on the same page in a supportive, positive, and creative workflow.

Team empowerment offers the opportunity to develop best practices to cross train individuals strengths and experiences. It also supercharges the creative process because you have a built in master mind group and support team.

Keep in mind as the team works on the group approach each team member is applying personal empowerment to their skills and effectiveness. You have each cog of the wheel becoming more personally effective as you have the greater team mechanism moving and turning more productively.

The team approach is slightly different from the personal applications. In the individual approach values and habits are identified.

As it relates to team empowerment this translates to operating policies and procedures. There is also a strong emphasis on communication and positive team support for individual growth as well as the growth and effectiveness of the team.

All of the empowerment fundamentals still apply, but the energy of the group perpetuates much faster progress than an individual working on their own.

As part of the empowerment system, all are encouraged and directed on how to develop and maintain a power team of other Achievement Dynamics clients or your own work, home, or social circles. Support and accountability are major ingredients to perpetuating change.

A work team wheel usually possesses the following spokes; team communication, team and individual goals and objectives, organized processes, attitude and morale, training and education. You can customize it from there.