Track 14 – Power Lines and Power Gaps

The worksheets and the audio handouts titled “Inventory Surveys” are designed to identify strengths and weaknesses in specific areas.

Column 1 represents the many components of that particular focus area. Make any adjustments that will customize it to your specific needs.

An example would be the career wheel. To achieve the greatest level of success in this area we need to be able to do many things effectively, things like; personal time management, being well organized, having clear goals and objectives just to name a few. If you’re in sales, some of the areas you need to be good at are, prospecting for new business, presentation and communication skills.

Column 2 is where you will evaluate from 1-10 the level of importance this component has to the overall success in this area of your life, ten being of high importance.

Column 3 is where you will evaluate your current conditions as it relates to your effectiveness, 10 being completely satisfied with your current condition.

The inventory surveys will give you a good reading to where improvements would have the greatest impact.

Identify the areas where the high priority items are matched with low level of effectiveness.

In your personal quest to break success barriers, these are sign posts that say, “Start here”.