Track 1- Breaking Success Barriers

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Transformation…the Heart of Empowerment

Training is information
Motivation is inspiration

Empowerment is transformation

If all it took was the knowledge, desire and a plan to accomplish a goal, most people would be able to maintain good health simply by knowing how to eat right and understanding how to exercise.

The internet is rich with an abundance of information and plenty of inspiration. More than we could ever need or use. We have become a society of information junkies.

Powerful ideas quickly lose their power if you can’t transform them into action. Knowledge plus action equals outcomes! Inspiring messages may lift us high but it’s not how high we jump – it’s how straight we walk when it’s time to hit the ground and keep it moving forward.

Transformation is essential if we are to actually make the necessary changes in our behaviors, perspectives and results! Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to conquer Mt. Everest was quoted as saying, “It is not the mountain that we conquer, but ourselves.”

So the most effective way to build our dreams is to build ourselves.

Who we become while achieving our goals can be more valuable to us then the goals we are presently achieving! We need to continue to strengthen who we are in all levels of personal effectiveness as we achieve weekly progress in our most important life goals and objectives.

It is no secret that the human mind has limitless capabilities. We need to master the ability to recalibrate our effectiveness so that we are better able to generate improved results and live happier, more successful lives.

Don’t accept anything about yourself or your life as a limitation with no options for change. Everything in nature is in a constant state of change. The only consistency in nature is change!

Over the last five years you have changed. How much of that change was through design and how much of that change was from default? Many don’t know how to change their circumstance because they don’t know how to change themselves. Instead, they end up lowering their dreams and expectations to lower standards and situations.

We need to make the commitment to proactively direct the changes we want. No one is permanently stuck where they are. Change happens. Drive it.

Why training may fall to have a permanent impact on results 

  • 3 hours after a seminar we forget 25%
  • 24 hours we forget 50%
  • One month we forget 95%

When learners are not allowed to interact with each other. A presenter, no matter how good, has to give a one-size-fits-all presentation to all; often to blank faces and mentally distracted participants.

We benefit greatly when we include the human experience, where participants can interact with each other, process ideas and contribute to creating opportunities or solving problems with renewed enthusiasm through “Inspired Collaboration”.

Other possible blocks to transformation

  • Knowing what to do doesn’t mean you are going to do it or do it often enough to make a permanent positive impact on outcomes or results!
  • Often we are held captive by previously ingrained habits, stuck behavior patterns, outdated thought processes or limited comfort zones.
  • When the risk of rejection or failure translates into avoiding high-payoff activities. This can lead to self-imposed excuses, procrastination and ultimately limiting our opportunities to succeed.
  • When the training curriculum has a “we have a hammer and everything is a nail” approach, unable to customize the information or ideas to the specific goals or needs of the trainee or the culture of the organization.
  • When there is an absence of the opportunity to collaborate with the knowledge and experiences of linked-minded and committed peers.
  • When there is limited understanding of how to instill high-payoff behavior patterns that turn new ideas into natural and automatic action.
  • When there is no accountability to inspire, problem-solve or create new opportunities and to keep progress continuously moving forward.
  • And giving up before our success is realized!

Keys to turning new ideas into integrated action

  • Focus Relevance. Target the most effective ideas into your most needed areas of growth and development. You will be able to achieve this more easily through our Power Line system which is coming up in a future track.
  • On-Demand Mutli-Sensory Learning. The more senses we use in our learning experience the faster we internalize new ideas. Being able to read along as you hear the spoken material is a powerful way to absorb and retain knowledge. Plus you can learn at your own time, at your own pace, in the privacy of your own space!
  • Repetition Retention. Review the material more than once to tap the value of automated retention. The more times we can exposure our mind to valuable concepts the faster those concepts and ideas become our own.
  • Progressive Calibration. Transformation by integration. The ability to analyze needs, evaluate progress and to problem-solve our way with progressive achievements. We need to stay on the bicycle as we journey forward personally and professionally. Implement, experiment, evaluate and reinvent.

Integrating stronger thoughts into your thinking, more effective procedures into your skillsets and healthier habits into your behavior patterns. We will go further into Progressive Calibration in upcoming tracks.

Achievement is a process….not an event. The process of strengthening ourselves in all levels of personal effectiveness as we achieve weekly progress in our most important life goals and objectives.

When you learn how to master personal transformation you increase personal productivity, generate continuous achievements and build a road to your dreams.