Increasing Effectiveness

The Effectiveness Workshop Series

Visualization and Affirmations

Mental Conditioning – Subconscious Programming

The greatest computer is the human mind!  Knowing how to proactively encode the data base that controls our thoughts and emotions is essential to our success and happiness. Our mind is our most powerful asset or it can be our worst enemy! You get to choose and control its programming and results. This workshop teaches how to change patterns of thought to complement the mental direction of our goals.

Building Your Self-Concept

It’s been said that success is an inside job. A clear and strong self-concept is one of our most valuable assets. This awareness enables us to identify important components for life’s decision making. Discover how to strengthen the three levels of your self-concept that supports everything we say and do and enables us to boost confidence and self-esteem; clarifying personal identity to enhance self-awareness.

Creative Thinking

Imagination is mankind’s greatest asset. To think creatively is to think intelligently. We need to make a conscious effort to create and capture opportunities in our life. Creative problem solving keeps moving us forward bringing our dreams and goals into reality. Think it up and then think it through to completion.

Stop Procrastinating –Do it!

It’s been well recognized that procrastination is the pit where opportunity is buried. This workshop is your gateway to decisive action. Learn the causes and cures of procrastination to reduce stress and capture opportunity!

Time Management

Time is a shrinking commodity that cannot be replenished. Our only option is to manage it effectively before it’s lost forever. Discover how to custom design and execute high payoff activity that is most relevant to your success. Develop habits that will maximize your use of time and make the most of every day.

Get Organized to Win

Becoming and staying organized is the fastest way to reduce stress, build momentum and maximize productivity. Functioning systems allow us to do more with our personal resources, removing bottlenecks and keeping everything flowing in the right direction.

Streamline your success by organizing your world mentally and physically. Stop wasting time looking for the things you need enabling you to get things done with the least amount of stress and frustration.

Conquering Adversity

Strengthen your Adversity IQ. Resilience is a personal choice. In the midst of chaos or unexpected bumps in the road of life, we need to do whatever we can to maintain momentum and a solid focus. We need to learn how to develop the ability to control our “focus of attention” so that we can work our way through challenging situations to bring about constructive results, as quickly as possible. We all got what it takes but grace under fire takes practice. Learn to apply many suggestions and techniques to conquer any adversity life may throw your way!

Stress for Success

Stress can steal your happiness and affect your health. Learn how to reduce the negative stress and channel the positive stress into energy and concentration needed to generate positive outcomes.

The Power of Commitment

The number one advantage that will guarantee the achievement of a goal directly relates to the level of commitment you have to its attainment. With commitment, when things get tough you find a way through instead of looking for a way out. Learn the difference between trying and doing than decide what you would do with your like if you knew you couldn’t fail. Learn the difference between trying and doing. What would you dare to do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Moving Comfort Zones

Most often a comfort zone is not even comfortable. It’s more like what am I willing to accept zone! Living in our comfort zones keep us stuck in mediocrity and can steal our success and happiness. Learn what it takes to stretch your present thoughts and behaviors thereby raising the bar of your comfort zone and implementing a greater impact on your success.