The Bridge

The Bridge is a nationally-recognized, unique program of support and positive lifestyle enrichment, which opened its doors in 1980 and has been offering programs ever since. The Bridge began with a focus on adolescents, but now has been expanded to include people of all ages. The Bridge has two main components: 1. Free Weekly Empowerment Sessions and 2. Off-Site Workshops and Trainings.

The Bridge’s Free Weekly Empowerment Sessions are facilitated by young people, for young people and are held every Tuesday night from 7:30-9pm, inside Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center in Camden, NJ. Each week features a different topic, which always focuses on leadership, communication, self-awareness, and other aspects of healthy decision-making. Trained teens and young adults facilitate the sessions and their ideas and suggestions help plan the nights. All teens, aged 13 and up, as well as the adults who love them are welcome to visit and experience the program.

The Bridge’s Off-Site services include Workshops and Trainings for Classrooms, Parent Groups, Community Groups, Businesses, and other Organizations. These sessions are based on the successful structure of the Weekly Empowerment Sessions and can be customized to the group’s needs. The Bridge offers anything from a single one-hour session to a series of sessions, or even a full-day “retreat”. The Bridge can also provide training for groups to set-up their “own” in-house Bridge sessions that are self-sustaining and facilitated by the members of the group. In addition to in-kind support from Lourdes Health System, as well as grants from the United Way, and donations from individuals, The Bridge’s off-site services help to fund and sustain their community programming.

The Bridge has been continually recognized for its exemplary work, including a Presidential “Point of Light” Nomination, a Commendation, and dozens of local and regional Awards and Honors, as well as Resolutions, Citations, and Proclamations.

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