Sales Achievement

The Sales Effectiveness Workshop Series

Creating Interest in your Product or Service

The keys to opening minds that will open doors to new opportunities! What you say and how you say it needs to create enough interest to attract people to your story. Learn the thought process that creates curiosity, gets people asking questions and wanting to learn more about how they can benefit from your product or service. 

Creating a Powerful Elevator Speech

You only have one minute or less to deliver a powerful introduction of what you offer the world. It is the single most important minute in your sales career. Within a few sentences you must make an impact. As they say, “There is no second chance in making a first impression”.

Multiplying Referrals

One of the greatest impacts you can make in your sales career is the ability to multiply your personal referrals. Learn the tools and techniques that will multiply your referral and get your new business pipeline pumping. It’s a sales career game changer!

How to Network a Room

The time you have to meet and create interest in a room full of people is crucial that you do it effectively. This workshop identifies the dos and don’ts of making something good happen in a room full of opportunity.