Power Lines and Power Gaps

The most efficient way to plan for achievement is to lay out your blueprint in a holistic design.

We need to evaluate the total picture of what it will take to generate successful conclusions.

Power Lines enable us to diagnose strengths and weaknesses, analyze any problems and customize your individual or team success processes. They influence both expectations and effectiveness.

Achievement takes time, effort and money. Power Lines make sure those resources are being invested in the most relevant areas that create the most immediate results and have the greatest positive impact – on your overall success.

Without Power Lines individuals and teams tend to rely on their comfort zone behaviors which may be blocking progress or generating mediocre results.

Action alone won’t get the job done – best results require strategically focused action!

By isolating working components into Focus Areas, we are better able to….

  • Clarify Expectations!
  • Divide and conquer obstacles
  • Identify “bottle necks” slowing down progress
  • Expand “applied imagination” for ideas and solutions
  • Uncover the greatest opportunities for growth
  • Improve decision making
  • Balance goals and objectives
  • Track progress and success


Marissa Rodgers circled power line

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