Mario’s Personal Background

Mario discovered the need for achieving goals early in life. Whenever he would ask his dad for something that was expensive he always heard the same response, “You can have it but you need to buy it yourself.” With that said, Mario realized from a young age that he was in charge of creating his own fun!

By seventh grade he had an on-going written list of things he wanted to have or to achieve. There were some extra challenges. Because of having a clubbed foot it lead to a trick knee that would unexpectedly dislocate. He was also one of the shortest and chubbiest kid in his class so he knew organized sports wasn’t in the cards. At 13, his goal was to get into better physical condition so he started hanging around the weight training room after school, putting himself on a diet and losing 35 lbs. Next, at 14 he bought a Yamaha dirt bike, at 15 it was a horse and at 16 he earned his pilot’s license. His dad was always a great support and gladly gave Mario rides to the airport so he could fly! By 17, personal goal-setting had become an integral component of his life and new adventures were always appearing over the next horizon.

After graduating college with a degree in business, Mario pursued his childhood dream of becoming a stand-up comedian. Having no place to learn and perform comedy he started his own comedy cabaret at the Crazy Horse Saloon in 1977 in Barrington, New Jersey. It also provided other aspiring comedians in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area the opportunity to also learn their craft and work out new material. One of his biggest obstacles at the time was a persistent stuttering problem when stressed. Comedy is about timing and his stuttering kept getting in his way. He taught himself how to relax his vocal cords by visualizing one word at a time calmly walking through a door in his throat. His stuttering days were soon behind him and his career in comedy was off and running.

About the same time he discovered self-development books. All the things he was doing suddenly had a name; crystallized thought, visualization, affirmations and personal transformation! So he enthusiastically outlined every book he could find on the subjects and began thinking how exciting it would be to one day start a school and teach others how to master setting and achieving goals!

In 1982 he met Renee, a beautiful and compassionate women running an empowerment program for inner-city teenagers in Camden. Having already been a mentor in the Big Brother’s program since 1977 and now having the opportunity to work with Renee was a no brainer. He quickly connected with Renee’s passion, mission and processes, witnessing the transformational impact her program was having in the lives of inter-city youth.

On April 11th, 1985 Mario’s mother passed away suddenly on his 28th birthday. This unexpected loss made him realize that we have no control over how long we live – only the quality of the life we live. With a greater appreciation of the brevity of life, the desire to teach others how to achieve their dreams became the mission for Mario’s own life pursuit!

On July 1st, 1985 he dedicated his career to developing Achievement Dynamics Institute and has never looked back. His vision was to combine Renee’s peer to peer transformational process and integrate everything he believed, understood and could research in regards to achieving personal success. Achievement Dynamics programs were directed toward instructing the process of personal transformation, helping clients develop the characteristics they needed to achieve their life goals and objectives. By 1990 Mario was facilitating over 200 workshops a year at his institute in Cherry Hill, New Jersey covering 40 different topics on personal effectiveness.

Between 1985 and 2005 Mario was a consultant to over 20 school districts and compiled a local network of over 2,000 clients which included; athletes, career professionals, sales teams, small businesses owners and corporate leaders. In 1998, a national publisher contracted him to co-author an empowerment book for nurses entitled Reinventing Your Nursing Career which was well reviewed by nursing professionals across the country.

Over a 20 year period he successfully developed and fine-tuned the universal achievement system now known as “Atomic Productivity” incorporating inter-changeable “Idea Banks” where clients can coordinate and build upon their collective experiences and transfer the succession of knowledge.

January 2006 he and his team began developing the online application of Atomic Productivity that included a social networking component as a way to expand the “Idea Bank System”.

Building “Success Communities” into the platform achieved the peer to peer support needed for personal transformation to take place. What is now Achieveopedia, focuses on personal and professional empowerment in ways never before imagined at a cost everyone can afford!

Atomic Productivity also offers the opportunity for members to create a “Digital Based Revenue” leading fellow members through their own transformational growth and achievement. Achieveopedia is an entirely new platform in the world of human resource development with infinite applications and possibilities as a personal success journey or energizing national and international organizations!