Types of Achieveopedia Members

Registered ETS Member

Members who are enrolled in the complimentary Empowered to Succeed Training but  have not joined the full Achieveopedia Membership.

Registered Achieveopedia Member

Members who have access to all the following features;

  • Personal Command Center
  • Goals Assessment Blueprint
  • Personal Power Plant
  • Regions and Communities
  • On-Demand Training Library
  • Access to the Atomic Success Network of Power Partners

Certified Member (CM)

Members who demonstrated full understanding of Atomic Productivity by participating in four “Certification Power Circuits” with an Intake Coordinator. This designation indicates to other Certified Members those who are ready to plug and play as a qualified Power Partner.

Activated Certified Member
Members who are doing the minimum of these activities:

  1. A member of at least one specialized Community
  2. Active in at least one Power Circuit a week
  3. One weekly Effectiveness Workshop (on-demand or virtual)
  4. They have designed a Power Plant for at least one goal or commitment

Intake Coordinator (IC)

Representatives who guide new members through the fundamental features and applications of Achieveopedia; assuring they have a working knowledge of Atomic Productivity. They also help integrate new members into the Atomic Success Network of Communities and Power Partners.

Intake Coordinator Certification Package $40
(Paid directly to Intake Coordinators) 

     Power Circuit 1:
Setting up your Profile Page
Charging your Power Lines
Positioning your Goals for this week

     Power Circuit 2:
 Review weekly Goals
PAC for Success
Positioning your Goals for this week

     Power Circuit 3:
 Review weekly Goals
Building your Power Plant
Positioning your Goals for this week 

     Power Circuit 4:
 Review weekly Goals
On-Demand and Interactive Training
Positioning your Goals for this week

Production Center Owner (PC) 

A Certified Member who has a Personal Production Center to offer Training, Power Circuits or Promotions to other members. Production Centers are $350 annually.

System Organizer (SO)

 System Organizers are those actively participating in Achieveopedia’s Leadership Development Program. They are well versed in the goals and Idea Banks of the communities they serve and help members to remain focused on their goals and objectives using Atomic Productivity tools and methods.

Those that qualify are required to offer 360 feedback evaluations to all those who attend their Power Circuits to provide quality assurance. This accountability will lead to greater awareness and increased effectiveness – enabling the presenter the opportunity to continually sharpen their leadership skills.

System Organizer will also have their Production Center listed in the Leadership Directory at the bottom to the Command Center. Annual fee is $150 in addition to the cost of a Production Center.

The SO designation indicates to other members that this Production Center owner is committed to higher standards. The 360 Feedback process creates on-going accountability for quality assurance promoting greater trust and credibility in their leadership.