InterActive Workshops

Why Generate Interactive Workshops?

Achieveopedia offers the opportunity to participate in virtual or on location peer to peer Interactive Workshops. This platform empowers members to integrate ideas and methodologies that would have a positive impact on personal or team goals and objectives. These workshops can be organized by individual members or facilitated by those with Leadership Centers.

Members and Leaders can invite Power Partners to join them in an interactive virtual workshop by publicizing the date, topic and time in the Announcement Tab on the navigation bar of their Community. The member who sends out the invite will usually host the meeting.

We recommend using for your virtual workshops. This is a screen sharing app which is free for up to 10 attendees.

Pre-Workshop Agenda

Review On-Demand Training in Achieveopedia associated with your topic.

Benefits of On Demand Training

On-Demand Multi-Sensory Learning: The more senses we use in our learning experience the faster we internalize new ideas and information. Being able to read along as you hear the spoken material is a powerful retention tool. This gives members the advantage of learning in their own time, at their own pace, in the privacy of their own space!

Repetition Retention: Members can review the material several times to tap the value of automated retention. The more times we expose our mind to new ideas the faster those concepts and ideas become our own.

Recommended Meeting Agenda

Review the guidelines at the start of each meeting

  • Learn from the past but don’t dwell on it. Keep it “Now and Next”.
  • Complaining and blaming is a waste of time. Positive interactions only.
  • Practice confidentiality as a respect to other members.
  • Be discreet with sensitive information.
  • No political posturing. Please don’t use Achieveopedia to air your political views.
  • Refrain from small talk during the workshop. Keep a constructive purpose to the conversation.

Workshop Starter: Introduce yourself and share what you hope to achieve through this workshop?

Discuss key points of the training information:

  • Hi-light key points of the workshop and discuss how they are relevant to your situation.
  • How would these ideas impact your business or the quality of your life?
  • Feel free to add any additional ideas or suggestions to the discussion.
  • Choose the action steps and perspectives (Strategic Options) from this workshop that will increase your personal effectiveness moving forward.
  • How are you going to integrate these Strategic Options into your weekly Power Circuit?