Intake Coordinator FAQ’s

What is an Intake Coordinator?

Representative who welcome new members and guides them through the certification process of Achieveopedia. Intake Coordinators also help members integrate their personal goals into the Atomic Productivity System.

What are the qualifications?

We are looking for those with good communication skills, reliable internet access with a passion for wanting to help others to achieve their life goals and objectives.

Where do I work?

Where ever you can access Achieveopedia and privately facilitate an on-line meeting creating “Digital Based Revenue”. You are able to work form any reliable internet source.

What are the hours?

Membership will be worldwide and meetings will be offered 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. Intake Coordinators are able to choose which hours they want to offer their certification services.

What is the pay?

Our Intake Coordinators facilitate on-line meetings where they receive $50 – $100 per hour depending on number of attendees. Intake Coordinators who sponsor new members are paid $70 per certification for that member.

How do members find my meetings?

Members chose whose meeting they want to attend through a number of posted directories.

Are there other revenue opportunities?

Intake Coordinators have the capability to make additional Digital Based Revenue (DBR) in other Achieveopedia capacities. (Sponsorship and other on-going support services)

Does it cost me any money if I am selected?

If you are selected no fees what so ever!

You will receive:

  • Free training

  • A complimentary membership to Achieveopedia

  • A complimentary Leadership Center

  • Compensation for certifying each new member in our General Membership

  • Opportunity to create on-going “Digital Based Revenue” helping members achieve specific goals

  • Potential opportunity to become a “Project Coordinator” for our corporate memberships