Member Feedback

Dear Friends and Clients,

We would like to say thank you to the thousands of Achievement Dynamics Institute’s friends and clients over the last 30 years. Those we may have lost touch with, please reach out to us.

We would love to hear from you.

Mario Pinardo
Founder and CEO of Achievement Dynamics Institute and

Client Feedback…

“I never expected Achievement Dynamics to have such a major positive impact in my life.”
– Patricia Carlson, Investment Broker

“Going over the results of year end grades, I noticed the 70% of my students involved in the program had increased their grade point average.”
– William Heine, Teacher, Camden High School

“Your empowerment system had our entire sales team working at a new level of productivity.”
– Virginia Nims, AV Business Systems

“Achievement Dynamics has created structure in my life, allowing me to function more effectively on both a personal and a business level. I’ve expanded it to include my entire staff. What a difference!”
– Robert Monokian, D.C., Health Goals Chiropractic

“In just 90 days, our sales team went from the ninth producing branch in our company to number one. Achievement Dynamics is our secret weapon.”
– Terry McGovern, Dupli-Fax

“My investment group has benefited greatly from Achievement Dynamics powerful applications. It was one of the best investments we made all year.”
– Bill Becker, Real Estate Investor

“It really made a big impact on the focus and results of our team. Thanks to Achievement Dynamics, we make things happen sooner, more effectively with less stress.”
– Joan Broglin, Purchasing Manager, Mellon Bank

“Our admission reps participated in the program last summer, and by October 1st they exceeded their year end goals. Now that’s empowerment!”
– Jim Tolbert, Area Manager, CLC

“You cannot imagine the peace of mind that comes by utilizing your ideas which in turn alleviates the stress. The total outcome is a better quality of life.”
– Ruth Barnett, Important Papers, Inc.

“I wish more people could experience the positive effects your system has on improving results, along with effecting the total quality of their life.”
– Hy Greenfield, M.D.

“It’s been a tremendous help to me in identifying the important goals at this stage of my life…now I’m having fun and getting the job done!”
– Anthony Pascale, Accurate Digital

“I was a middle-of-the-road producer within my sales team. By the end of 1996, my income was greater than the rest of the sales force combined and was promoted to District Manager.”
– Robert Wonderlin, Vista International Communications

“In fact, our cellular activation’s are up over 21% since we began our program with you, while our paging activation’s are up 52%!”
– Russell Swanson, Swanson Communications

“Since our first meeting with you I saw instant improvement in company morale which in turn led to an automatic increase in our daily productivity. Many of us have also seen significant progress on strengthening and solidifying our personal ambitions as well.”
– Anne Lee Gutos, USA Phone Centers

“In an industry where turnover and failure is rampant, we retained 90% of the Advisors that participated in the program (verses 35% industry average) and income for everyone increased.”
– Michael Rearden, CFP, Field Vice President, American Express Financial Advisors

“The Dynamics of Empowerment Program has made our employees more organized and motivated and our company more profitable. We identified the areas of weakness and found ways to make the necessary improvements.”
– Susan J. Cox, Cox Construction

“Your empowerment program was just what the doctor ordered at Viking Yacht. It raised communication and effectiveness across the board. It reduced stress, while at the same time, improved our bottom line.”
– Jerry Straub, Executive Vice-President, Viking Yacht Company

“As a result of your program, my sales team has tripled their referrals and is the highest producing team per person in a region of four offices.”
– Bob Malkin. Regional Sales Manager, Connectiv Communications, Inc.

“I was hoping for a 50% increase in our company sales when we started our empowerment program. Reviewing my stats revealed our sales jumped up 127% from last years pace; starting the same month we started applying the system. What a difference!”
– Daniel Banfe, CEO, Banfe Products

“You have not only helped us define and recognize what we want and need to do, but also have given us the tools to build a solid foundation for success.”
– James Martin II, President & CEO, Allianz – TPS Brokerage

“I am happy to report that this group of professionals has never been more organized, energized, and empowered to succeed than they are today. Thank you for helping us develop better ways of working together and achieving our company and individual goals.”
– Linda Rooney, Sales & Marketing Manager, J.S. Hovnanian & Sons, Inc.

“The bottom line is I have less stress and make more money.”
– Brian McCormick, VP of Marketing, Infinity Title Agency, Inc.

“We are better organized, more creative and over all have improved results across the board. I especially was impressed with our new found ability to multiply leads for new business. Well worth our investment”
– Bill Pearson, CEO & President, Contemporary Staffing Solutions

“I see many people grappling and searching, and I ask — don’t they know about Achievement Dynamics?”
– Theresa McGlinchey, Human Resource

“I started my program in February and quickly established aggressive goals for the rest of the year. I surpassed them all by August 1st. Now that’s empowerment!”
– Peter J. Rubino, President, Painting by Design

“I am very pleased with the impact it has had on our sales force and productivity. We are much more focused on calls, working as a team, and achieving our goals.”
– Robert Marion, VP & General Manager, Quaker Photo

“My focus, attention to detail and ability to prioritize my high payoff activity has improved dramatically. Your program is exceptional.”
– Steve Emerson, President, Emerson Personnel

“I am proud to report that since working with the Empowerment System, my second quarter premiums are up by 30.48% over last year!”
– Anna Reis, AFLAC

“In reviewing my comparisons for my sales team, productivity has increased by more than 20%.”
– Michael Defoney, Agency Director, MetLife Financial Services

“The program is original, well organized, and has proven to be very effective helping us become more productive on both a personal and team level.”
– John Gallagher Jr., RHU, CPIA, The Gallagher Group

“Since learning how to apply the Empowerment System from Achievement Dynamics, I not only doubled my business but also lost eighty pounds! Thank you for helping me take my life to a new and exciting level.”
– Marc Wasserman, CPA

“Achievement Dynamics has created a system that has empowered me to function more effectively, both in my personal life and business environment. My entire staff is now using the system!”
– Joe Glennon, General Manager, Cherry Tree Corporate Center

“After more then 10 years in the industry, I increased my productivity 147% after starting The Empowerment System. I would have never believed it!”
– John Norton, Northwestern Mutual

“The group is more focused on more meaningful activities which now produce better pay-offs.”
– Dan Harkin, Horizon Keystone Financial

“I am writing this letter to thank you for bringing The Empowerment System to the American Institute for History Education. We have just begun utilizing your personal achievement system and I have already seen unbelievable improvements.”
– Orlando Rivera, Esq., The American History Institute

“I’ve been a client of Achievement Dynamics for over twenty years. It never stops challenging me to go to the next level!”
– Wayne Franks, Mortgage Broker