The History of Achievement Dynamics Institute

Achievement Dynamics Institute the parent company of Achieveopedia was founded by Mario Pinardo in 1985 as a goal setting and achievement center in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Over the years the workshops and training (see below) evolved into a system that enabled clients to transform or strengthen personal characteristics that are needed to achieve their personal and professional goals.

In 1995, our system evolved into a peer to peer empowerment process containing a customizable idea bank library. This is now our member to member “Atomic Success Network™” where members can support and inspire one another across the room or across the globe.

Members apply our proven methods and ideas to empower their lives and are provided the tools to teach, inspire and lead others to greater levels of success.

Our mission is to connect a world-wide “Power Grid”. Driving the merger of ideas, action and achievement!

May the 30 years of our research and development behind Achieveopedia be the success platform to help you focus your potential, create opportunities and power charge your dreams!

The Evolution of the development of Atomic Productivity

From 1985 to 1990 it was all about personal goal achievement.  Mastering the fundamentals of personal and professional success.

Topics included;

  • How to break down a goal into achievable stages
  • Learn how to identify and transform obstacles to opportunities
  • Master updating personal perspectives
  • Generate the ability to self-motivate – on demand
  • How to prioritize your actions and responsibilities
  • Living a life of progress and building on your successes

…This is now the “Empowerment Atom™”

From 1990 to 1995 understanding that personal goals are the pathway to success; we discovered strengthening relevant characteristics is the key! We then began to specialize in personal effectiveness training.

Topics included;

  • Stop Procrastinating – Do It
  • Effective Time Management
  • Getting Organized to Win
  • How to Advance Through Adversity
  • People Skills and Communication Techniques
  • Strengthening Confidence and Personal Self-concept
  • Staying Committed from Concept to Achievement…

 Sales Effectiveness Series:

  • Creating interest in your Product or Service
  • Developing a Powerful Elevator Speech
  • Networking a Room Effectively
  • How to Multiply Referrals for New Business
  • Cold Calling Magic!
  • Developing Great Centers of Influence
  • Public Speaking for Success

…This is now the “Effectiveness Atom™”

From 1995 to 2005 we fine-tuned our Power Partner and Success Community Program:

  • Developing organized Idea Banks perpetuating the Succession of Knowledge
  • Peer to peer encouragement, support and inspiration
  • Focusing on recognizing and building on progressive realization
  • Keeping focused on transformation via weekly strategic commitments
  • Blazing a path to continuous growth and achievements…

 The Empowerment System before it was converted to 

Program Photo