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A Message From Achieveopedia’s Founder and CEO  
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 Achieveopedia Command Center

The Navigational Hub of Achieveopedia

Tier One takes Members through the Major Applications and Outreaches of Achieveopedia

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What’s Achieveopedia – This window contains the video that exists on the home landing page. It gives members and non-members an overview of our mission and major components.  

Success Communities – This is a where you will find all the regions and communities of Achieveopedia. The top red button will take you to a tutorial explaining the how the navigational bar is set up for each Community. As you scroll down you will be able to identify which Communities best serve your interest.  

Certification Center – This is where new members come to learn the fundamentals of Atomic Productivity. There is a short series of workshops that walk you through the basic fundamentals of the empowerment process. Once you audit these workshops you will receive a Certified Member Certification and a CM next to your name on your Profile Page.   

Leadership Center – Achieveopedia Members all have the opportunity to lead. Some lead within their private companies or organizations and others have a public Production Center and a Home Based Business leading fellow members through their goals. Production Center owners have the ability to design, create and post their own meetings, webinars or on-demand training modules.  

Non-Profit Collaboration This is where our Non-Profit Members coordinate ideas, partner resources and create revenue for their missions and organizations. They can create their own Success Communities using the tools & support of Achieveopedia. Non-Profits can collaborate with their sister organizations and cross network with other Achieveopedia Non-Profits, Businesses and General Membership.  

US Chamber of Commerce Partners – Achieveopedia has a 30 year history partnering with Business Chambers and their members.  We are creating a platform where Chambers from across the country can collaborate, share best practices and empower their members to greater levels of success.      

Tier Two takes us through our On-Demand Training Library

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The Site Tutorial section offers an overview of all of the empowerment applications of Achieveopedia. 

The Core Atoms of Atomic Productivity

The Collaboration Atom is where we teach members how to collaborate ideas, share enthusiasm and create a platform of member to member support and encouragement.   

The Empowerment Atom is the heart of Atomic Productivity where members learn new ways to enhance creativity, improve strategic planning and intensify committed action in the pursuit of their goals and objectives.  There is also a strong emphasis here on mastering problem solving; the main ingredient to goal achievement.  

The Effectiveness Atom is where members sharpen their ability to execute their plans and bring their goals into reality.  The topics in this section include Stop Procrastinating- Do It, Getting Organized to Win, Personal Time Management, Conquering Adversity, Improving People Skills, Networking Opportunities, and Developing a Strong Self-Concept.   

The Character Atom is to develop greater inner-strength, have a clearer sense of purpose and maximize life satisfaction and personal happiness.  

Training Boosters – Achieveopedia will always be looking to give a boost to our member’s knowledge base. We will continue to add on demand training modules to our training library on a variety of topics to help increase personal effectiveness and outcomes.   

Tier Three gives us the additional tools that help Leverage Personal Power

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Amp Directory

Strategic Planning Worksheets. These are our blueprints or templates that help tap creativity and assist in the development and planning of our goals and objectives. As you complete and save your plans and ideas they are stored in a private department in your Personal Profile Page so they can be easily accessed and updated!   

Power Line Directory

Power Lines enable us to organize what is needed in the construction of our goals. They give us the ability to map out the shortest distance between wish and attainment. We call it “Focused development on the most relevant!” They empower us to verify strengths and modify weaknesses as we journey to our desired destination.   

Personality Profiles

Know how your personality traits may complement or contradict your goals and objectives.
Become aware of how to direct your natural temperaments for optimum motivation and effectiveness. 

360 Feedback Surveys

Customizable multi-source feedback assessment for internal quality surveys, customer satisfaction surveys and training development with follow through evaluations.  


Songs in the Key of Personal Power. Music has the ability to affect our state of mind.
Here we are building a library of songs that is uplifting and encouraging. Our members will have a big part in contributing songs that have the power to instantly inspire us and strengthen our perspectives.  

Atomic Football

This is where Fantasy Football meets Atomic Productivity! The Empowerment System can be mastered using professional football as the metaphor for action.

Here members will be able to strengthen personal effectiveness and create progress in any area of their life by competing with other members or against their personal best for winning strategies, execution of plays and completions.  


Side Navigational Screen

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Achieveopedia Member Search Field

This field will help you to locate fellow members Profile Page and  Production Centers

Workshop Directory

This link will take you to the directory of all the public on-line workshops being offered by Achieveopedia Staff and Members who have their own Personal Production Centers

My Navigation

This is the same Navigation Bar that is on your Personal Profile Page. It allows you to navigate to your personal information no matter where you are in Achieveopedia. 

Header Drop-down Bars

Allow you to navigate the Command Center when you find yourself on inside pages of the site   and you want to navigate to any of the windows on the Command Center.