Why Achieveopedia?

What is Achieveopedia?

  • A private platform where members have access to proven methods and ideas to empower their lives. Members are also provided the tools to teach, inspire, collaborate and lead others to success. A “Peer to Peer Digital Empowerment System” that has universal applications and is scalable to a worldwide membership.

When was Achieveopedia started?

  • Achievement Dynamics Institute (our parent company) was started July 1, 1985 by Mario Pinardo who today is the Founder and CEO of Achieveopedia.

What is the Mission?

  • Members apply proven methods and ideas to empower their lives and are provided the tools to teach, inspire and lead others to success. 

Is Atomic Productivity difficult to learn?

  • Not at all. Achieveopedia and Atomic Productivity is set up the same way as your local professional fitness center. It parallels all of its protocols and procedures but applies it to building mental and emotional muscles, so members can lift themselves into higher levels of life achievement and personal rewards.

What is so powerful and unique about Achieveopedia?

  • Its core component is a completely inter-active and inter-changeable building process called “Progressive Calibration”, a proven irrefutable system that unlocks and systematizes personal potential.
  • Achieveopedia filters the overload of self-help information offered in motivational books, inspirational seminars and the internet to the specific ideas that can have the most powerful influence on your personal success.
  • Each community has the ability to monitor and collectively vote on the training and support they feel is most accurate, real and relevant!
  • Our “Idea Bank System” allows members to coordinate and build upon their collective experiences and transfer the “Succession of Knowledge”. Members can specifically recommend the ideas that are making the biggest impact on their results; saving other members time, effort and money!

What are the major features of the site?

  • Comprehensive On-Demand Training Library
  • Public and Private “Success Regions and Communities”
  • Our proprietary “Idea Banks” and “Digital Action Planners”
  • Internal “Leadership Centers” for business managers and HR
  • External Leadership and Production Centers for “Digital Based Revenue” opportunities
  • Personality Profiles that can be easily integrated into each member’s personable goals program
  • Built in 360 Feedback for all levels of training and corporate development to insure quality control

How do members customize their own achievement program?

  • Achieveopedia contains personal and professional “Power Line Libraries” which enables every member to quickly identify exactly where their strengths and weaknesses are in relation to their desired outcomes. Moving forward members can customize training and guidance based on the weaknesses that are causing the greatest loss of opportunities. Identifying and modifying weaknesses is incorporated within the fabric of our culture.
  • Members choose to participate in the Success Communities that serve their specific needs and can integrate and migrate to other communities as their lives evolve and they continue to advance their personal achievements.
  • Members can choose the training modules and the “Strategic Creative Options” that are most relevant and precisely tailor the information and ideas to their specific goals and objectives.

How is it unique from traditional training?

  • Ready – You choose the time and place!
  • Real – Soundly based in rational reasoning and creative problem-solving.
  • Relevant – Training curriculum can be customized and directed to each members desired needs and interests.
  • Integrative Process – Each on-demand training module has built-in “Strategic Creative Options” that enable members to integrate ideas from the training libraries and specialized Idea Banks into their personal and professional action plans and behaviors.
  • Total Customization – The training in Achieveopedia isn’t a closed curriculum set in stone and spoon fed in a classroom. Each community, organization or company can take any or all of our training – customize and re-post the material in their private Success Communities or Leadership Centers.

How is it different from personal coaching and consulting?

Personal coaching and consulting typically relies on the knowledge and ability of one person to identify relevant weaknesses restricting progress, customize training and set a course of positive change leading to desired outcomes. Customarily a continuous financial investment is necessary to maintain momentum.

Achieveopedia is only $350 for a full years membership and empowers our members with:

  1. Our comprehensive On-Demand Training Library.
  2. New Member Training and Support.
  3. Access to personal and professional Success Communities (Each containing their own Goal Directory and Idea Banks)
  4. Complete access to our universal Atomic Productivity Achievement System
  5. Power Partners to generate “Inspired Collaboration” where members help one another work through any success barriers standing in the way of their continued progress and success.
  6. The materials, tools and support to inspire and empower others!
  • Achieveopedia members are always in control. They have the opportunity to choose training modules, tap the collective knowledge from Community Idea Banks and rotate Power Partners, Power Circuits and Leadership Organizers on an on-going basis.
  • Achieveopedia uses a proprietary peer to peer group process called “Progressive Calibration” delivered through weekly meetings called Power Circuits offered in each community.
  • Power Partners in Power Circuits are also able to connect and support one another between weekly meetings. Much like workout buddies at the gym may share a training hour with a trainer and inspire and discipline one another between training sessions.
  • Achieveopedia members that would like to receive specialized guidance can divide the cost with other members associated in a Leadership Center, paying as little as $5 a meeting! Private meetings are also available.

How does Achieveopedia achieve the Succession of Knowledge through Idea Banks?

  • Members can contribute proven training ideas, recorded training modules, creative action steps and perspectives that are organized, filed and accumulated within each Success Community.
  • Fellow members of individual communities continue to submit ideas into the “Idea Bank Deposit Window” at the bottom of each Bank Page.

How do the submitted ideas get chosen to be added to the Idea Banks?

They will be positioned against a grid of approval questions from the Community Director or the Community Board.

  1. Is the idea or suggestion already there?
  2. Is it logical?
  3. Is it safe?
  4. Is it transferable?

Any idea that can be traced to its original source will be credited.

Why is it important to become a Certified Member?

  • Atomic Productivity is a proprietary system. Members who fully understand the applications of Atomic Productivity can move through the achievement process much more quickly with focused confidence. This makes for more dynamic Power Partners and attracts greater opportunities for collaboration with other Certified Members.

What are Power Partners?

  • Achieveopedia members can work on their goals alone or develop support called Power Partners. These are members who have chosen to team up on Strategic or Tactical Power Circuits. Their partnership may business inspired, corporate driven, topic relevant, community related or just member to member chemistry that encourages and inspires one another to achieve their goals!

How do you find Power Partners?

  • Interesting Profile Page may inspire a request.
  • Fellow members in a like Success Community.
  • Other Associates you are introduced to in a Leadership or Production Center.
  • Member to member recommendations.

What are the benefits to “Inspired Collaboration”?

There are several reasons Power Partners using Progressive Collaboration is so powerful:  

Power Teams remember more than individuals.
Power Teams recollect more accurately than individuals and enthusiastically share and build ideas from member to member and week to week.

Power Teams learn faster than individuals.
Power Teams require less repetition of facts and principles before individuals can integrate them effectively. The learning process is greatly accelerated in Power Teams when you allow the “Progressive Calibration” process to take place.

Power Teams replicate faster than individuals.
Because members are in a peer to peer dialogue they remember more and learn faster. Members rapidly reach a point at which they can pass on what they know to others.

Those members can naturally use the same process to support other members and new teams: within their own Power Team or to support Power Teams in other Communities.

By submitting additional “Strategic Creative Options” to their Community Idea Banks it allows members to replicate knowledge than if they were solely self-reliant with limited outreach opportunities.

Power Teams keep individuals accountable.
Power Circuit members meet regularly for to review previous meetings commitments. This is when they measure progress and collectively problem-solve weaknesses and obstacles.

Power Teams and Leaders have easy access to 360 Feedback to enable Self-Correction.
By implementing our 360 Feedback after a meeting member’s can fine-tune the art of team collaboration.

How do you get a Leadership or Production Center?

Leadership or Production Centers are $350 annually and only available to Certified Members.
They are also complimentary when organizations purchase multiple memberships.

Leadership Center Features:

  • Can be totally customized and updated at your discretion
  • Free Listing in Training Directory
  • Free Listing in Communities
  • Can be Hidden for Private Organizations
  • Can develop your own On-Demand Training Library
  • Management can collaborate and share training modules
  • Members can easily register for your programs
  • If you are creating revenue, all revenue you generate is yours
  • Built-in 360 Feedback System for Quality Assurance
  • Member to Member Testimonials and Referrals
  • Can link to your Personal Website

What is the difference between a Leadership Center and a Production Center?

  • Production Centers offer information with additional products and services.
  • Leadership Centers offer on-going goal achievement through Power Circuits.