Functional Analogy

How Achieveopedia is the “Fitness Center” for your Life Goals

1. Atomic Productivity builds mental and emotional muscle to strengthen character, capture opportunities and improve results.

2. Site Guides get you familiar with the facility and introduce you to all the equipment and programs. They also introduce you to other new members.

3. Power Partners are your workout buddies.

4. The System Organizer is your personal or power team trainer and friend.

5. Power Circuits are the appointments with your Power Partners or System Organizer or both. Power Watts are a way to share the expense of the session and the enthusiasm and excitement of making something good happen.

6. Power Lines are your Fitness Evaluations to determine what needs to happen if you are to reach your health goals.

7. The PAC Systems is your week to week workout program as you gain new perspectives.

8. Tactical Accountability is where you evaluate your progress, determine any adjustments and recommit to your health and fitness.

9. This “stretching of self” creates mental and emotional strength along with greater endurance.

10. Confidence grows, progress is achieved and goals are realized.

The Empowerment Atom is a Universal Success System

The principles of fitness and exercise are universal. When we regularly stretch our muscles, they gradually become stronger. Physical conditioning does take effort but brings a payoff of strength, confidence and overall improved health. The key is to exercise safely and effectively.

Atomic Productivity is the stretching of the imagination along with mental and emotional muscles that bring progress, growth and improved results. These “muscles” materialize in a combination of improved skills, habits or perspectives that enable us to achieve our goals.

When done properly; progress, growth and positive transformation takes place. The core of Achieveopedia’s process is to logically sort and categorize needs, desires, talents, ideas, and actions so as to advance your life in a healthy and successful direction.

As Oliver Wendell Homes once said, “When the mind is stretched with a new idea, it never regains its original dimension.”

Power Lines represent your Fitness Evaluation

To begin a personal fitness program it’s usually a smart idea to start with choosing our goals. The next step would be to evaluate our current physical strengths and weaknesses. That will direct us to designing the specific exercise program that best relates to our fitness objectives.

In Achieveopedia these are called Power Lines and PAC Systems. The Power Lines represent your fitness evaluation and the PAC System is your exercise program.

Just as a fitness evaluation reveals where we need to strengthen our body as it relates to our fitness goals; the Power Lines within Atomic Productivity is the infra structure of the goals or objectives that support the successful outcome of that endeavor.

So Power Lines enable us to divide and analyze what is needed in the development of our goals. They allow us to inventory our current strengths and weaknesses and decide what must take place if we are to achieve our objectives.

The PAC System is the set of weekly action steps you choose to progress in your goals program.
More details about Power Lines and PAC Systems are available under the Atomic Productivity training modules.
The Support System

Site Guides

When a new member joins a well equipped fitness center, they may at first be overwhelmed or maybe even intimidated with all the fancy equipment and special classes that are available. So the fitness center may offer a complimentary time with a trainer to help familiarize you with all the classes and equipment that the center offers. Your trainer may even possibly get you started on a customized exercise program.

These are Achieveopedia’s Site Guides. A Site Guide is there for new members to be your teacher who will direct you and answer any questions while you get comfortable with Achieveopedia’s success system.

Power Partners

Learning and doing is always quickened by another’s mutual enthusiasm for the topic or material.
In Achieveopedia, learning and action is encouraged to be a team sport.

We use a Power Partner process where members team together that have parallel goals and have can cross train ideas and support one another’s progress.

Studies have proven time and time again that people are more likely to stick with their exercise program if they have a partner to share their time with and be accountable to. At Achieveopedia, it is built within the fabric of our culture. You will find and friend many Power Partners in your Achieveopedia experience.

Unlike general social networking sites, Achieveopedia’s members have committed their time to become certified in the empowerment process and committed to following a standard of engagement. It helps assure your chances of teaming with someone who is caring, sincere and competent.

System Organizers

System Organizers are Achieveopedia’s version of specialized personal trainers at a gym.

They are members who are certified through Achieveopedia to offer support services to other members. They purpose is to help incorporate the methods of The Empowerment Atom into your own personal goals and intentions.

System Organizers are a non-judgmental, friendly and objective voice of reason. They are enthusiastic about assisting other members to make positive choices. They also help members to remain focused on their success journey.

System Organizers operate independently from one another. They specialize in the communities and focus areas that they are most experienced in and passionate about.

They set and determine their own prices, schedules and the types of training and outreach services they want to support.

Power Circuits

Fitness Trainers often train more than one person at a time to make the training more enjoyable and to amortize the cost for each person. System Organizers charge in Power Watts so members can share ideas and cost of the System Organizer time and direction.

Power Watts

A Power Watt with a System Organizer is a 15 minute increment of time in a Power Circuit. By members combining Power Watts and sharing time, they get to cross train, motivate and support one another for a fraction of the cost of going it alone. You have more fun and have built in support of friends to help one another get the job done.