Empowerment Perspectives

Quick 10 Perspectives 

  1. Make a decision to succeed
  2. Take action; then take it again
  3. Think in solutions
  4. Identify and modify weaknesses.
  5. Expect to be successful.
  6. Consistently make progress.
  7. Keep networking people and ideas
  8. Seek the best of life’s experiences.
  9. If something alters your life – it need not compromise your life.
  10. Accept what can’t be changed.

Being Happy and Successful Is a Virtue worth striving for!

  • Be assured that you are sitting on more potential than you are currently using
  • Most of us have room for improvement in our habits, attitudes and life expectations 

Knowledge and Information will only get us so far

  • We need to be able to strengthen personal characteristics to consistently implement the best ideas and intentions 

Transforming Ourselves 

  • Strengthen personal characteristics will allow us to transform ourselves into the person that can achieve our goals brings our dreams into the reality of our lives
  • We must give up the luxury of thinking we cannot change 


  • This is our ability to improve results by customizing attributes that directly relate to our personal effectiveness 

Our Dreams and Life Goals

  • These become a fitness program for developing the skills, attitudes and habits that need to occupy our life for us to succeed

You’re the Person Responsible for improving the Quality of Your Life

  • Keep stretching, progressing and becoming whom you need to be, to achieve and perpetuate a life that will hold the greatest level of personal satisfaction and fulfillment 

Turn your Weaknesses into Personal Projects for Development

  • Shine the brightest light on the weakest spots 

The Art of Synchronizing our Dreams and Goals with the Strength of our Character

  • As you build your dreams your dreams build you! 

No One Is Perfect; We Only Need to Live a Life of Progress

  • Recognizing progress brings encouragement
  • Looking for perfection may bring discouragement
  • Recognize small victories
  • Disappointments are going to happen, but discouragement is a choice 

Failure Can Be Either a Blessing or a Curse

  • Depending on whether you react to it as a stumbling block or a stepping-stone
  • The nature of your perspective is under your exclusive control 

Know You Can Improve Your Ability to Solve Problems and Create New Opportunities 

  • Whatever is standing in the way of greater levels of personal achievement are just problems that need to be solved 

Remember That No Problem Can Withstand the Assault of Sustained Thinking 

  • Learning new ways to solve problems helps us become a stronger, more effective person
  • Every time you perform a task, look to exceed your last performance, and very soon you will master the fundamentals of what it takes to make things happen and keep them going 

Believe In Learning New Ways to Be More Productive

  • You learn the system by doing it; it’s on the job training
  • In the interim, you achieve results that improve your life along the way 

Keep Your Thoughts Focused and Positive

  • Have pride in your past performances and positive expectations for the future

Success is

  • The progressive achievement of our most exciting goals and intentions