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Life Goals PDFs:
     Create the Opportunities
     Goal Planner
     Planning and Commitment

Personal Effectiveness PDFs:
     Personal Effectiveness Evaluation
     Characteristics of a Winner

Identify Power Gaps PDFs:
Life Power Line
     Sales Success Power Line
     Team Effectiveness Power Line

Digital Goals Assessment Blueprint  this need to be corrected by Mike

Personality Profile and Consultation (optional $99)

Empowered to Succeed On-Demand Training

Track 1- Breaking Success Barriers

Track 2- The Goal Setting Myth  4:41 minutes

Track 3- Developing Personal Characteristics  4:41 minutes

Track 4- Conscious Awareness through Crystallized Thinking  4:17 minutes

Track 5- Dynamic Creativity  3:12 minutes

Track 6- Attitude Modification  7:52 minutes

Track 7- Calibrate Habits  1:34 minutes

Track 8- Having a strong self-concept  2:08 minutes

Track 9- Revising Comfort Zones  4:08 minutes

Track 10- Effective Time Management  7:32 minutes

Track 11- Continued Focus and Concentration  2:18 minutes

Track 12- Your Adversity IQ  2:37 minutes

Track 13- Balanced Effectiveness  4:44 minutes

Track 14- Power Lines and Power Gaps  1:41 minutes

Track 15- Inspired Collaboration 2:16 minutes

Track 16- Isolate, Design and Modify  4:40 minutes

Track 17- The Power of Keeping Score  3:43 minutes

Track 18- Measure Achievements / Multiply Accomplishments (PDF)

Track 19- Critical Mass Consciousness 2:31 minutes

Tract 20- The Achieveopedia Difference