Reboot and Recommit!

Reboot and Recommit Video Overview

The Power of Commitment Video

The Collaboration Atom

Benefits of On-Demand Training Modules 

  • On-Demand Multi-Sensory Learning: The more senses we use in our learning experience the faster we internalize new ideas and information. Being able to read along as you hear the spoken material is a powerful retention tool. This gives members the advantage of learning in their own time, at their own pace, in the privacy of their own space!
  • Repetition Retention: Members can review the material several times to tap the value of automated retention. The more times we expose our mind to new ideas the faster those concepts and ideas become our own.

Benefits of Interactive Workshops

  • Achieveopedia empowers it’s members to support, inspire and encourage one another by enabling them to customize and facilitate peer to peer workshops.
  • Each on-demand training has an interactive workshop embedded into each training module for members to share and expand on these powerful life changing ideas, principles and methodologies.
  • Each page has an “Idea Bank Deposit Window” to help continually advance the succession of knowledge using the collective personal and professional experiences of our members. Ideas submitted will be evaluated before any posting is added or available.

Five Divisions of Training and Development

One: Personal Empowerment

Programs include Planning and Development– Problem Solving – Habit Recalibration, Mental Conditioning and the Power of Commitment.

Two: Inspired Collaboration

Programs to build on continued inspiration and idea generation. Our internal messaging system enables Members or Power Teams to communicate and support one another across the office or across the globe. Achieveopedia Members travel in Power Circuits using peer to peer inspired collaboration

Three: Increasing Effectiveness

Topics like Time Management, Getting Organized to Win, Conquering Adversity and Stop Procrastinating…Do it!

Four: Skilled Communications

Topics like Assertiveness Training, Conflict Management and Temperament Diversity with Business, Relationship and Family Applications

Five: Sales Achievement

Multiply Referrals, Overcoming Rejection and Succeeding with Tactical Ingenuity