Power Plant/Strategic AMP Directory

Building a Power Plant Video Tutorial 

The Power of Crystallized Thought and Strategic Thinking!


Power Plant Blank Power Line Progressives and Procedures Perpetual Action Cycles Weekly Design Tactical Accountability



 Sequential Planning Anchoring Robust Knowledge and Solutions

 Sparks are grouped together into AMPS

AMPS represent strategic thoughts and planning grouped together into separate distinct functions.

These are our blueprints or templates that help tap creativity and assist in the development and execution of our goals and objectives.

 Atomic Productivity AMPS

The Atomic Success Network – Atomic Mass Productivity

Power Partner Support – Atomic Mutual Productivity

Personal Goal Achievement – Atomic Motive Productivity 

 Equation of Atomic Productivity AMPS


Vision and Planning – A Master Plan

 Priorities and Standards – A Mission Personified

 Needs Analysis – All Muscles Pumping


 Forward Progress – A Mile Paced

 Skills and Habits – Abilities Methodically Placed

 Attitudes and Expectations – A Motivated Perspective


 Measured AchievementsA Measured Process

 Tactical Productivity – A Matter Pledged

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