Achieveopedia Partnerships

Achieveopedia Members have distinctive opportunities for collaborating knowledge and ideas.

Members are encouraged to contribute where they can have a positive impact by helping one another become more empowered to succeed. 

Achievement Partners
Members supporting other members in personal, team, or organizational empowerment.

Production Partners
Members supporting other members creating training modules that teach and inspire one another.

Achievement Partners

Power Partners
Members who team up and inspire one another along there success journeys.

Power Partners may work together using phone technology, screen sharing, or meeting in physical locations. 

It’s not the quantity of Power Partners, it’s the quality that is most powerful. Team up with other members who have a sincere interest in one another’s growth and success.

Where do members find Power Partners?

  • Request Power Partners from those in your community in the Message Center.

  • Ambassadors and Organizers will introduce you to members who share your passion or have similar goals and ideals.

  • Family members, friends, coworkers or associates with a mutual interest to see one another succeed.  

Why Power Partners?

They release more personal potential.

The Power Partner process releases personal potential through greater focus, creativity, and commitments.

They build upon ideas faster than individuals.

Together they enthusiastically share strategies and collectively build ideas in the community “Idea Banks” and in weekly “Power Circuits”. 

They transform effective habits faster than individuals.

It has been proven that working with Power Partners takes less repetition of new ideas to integrate them effectively and consistently. 

They can perpetuate success faster to others.

Power Team members can pass-on knowledge faster than an individual working alone.

They keep one another focused through “Tactical Accountability” in weekly “Power Circuits”.

Team members evenly distribute time in weekly “Power Circuits” to process tactical questions, evaluate your progress, and continue to improve personal results.


Provide new member orientation and support.

Ambassadors help members get comfortable with site navigation and with Achieveopedia’s empowerment tools and applications.

They can assist with:

  • Answering Questions

  • Suggesting Training

  • Introducing Fellow Members

Becoming an Ambassadors is also an excellent way to expand your “Associate Network” within your personal “Leadership Center”.

On-going leadership and support.

They can offer:

  • Inter-active workshops

  • Facilitate Progressive Power Circuits

  • Organizes Power Teams with Associates of there Leadership Center


Help companies and organizations build
Mastermind Communities and Leadership Centers.

They can assist with:

  • Supporting Community Directors

  • Developing Community Training Libraries

  • Guiding the development of “Focus Zones” within a Community


Populating a community with your own network of friends and associates. It may be public or private.


Production Partners


Writers are helping members with stories to tell, ideas to share, and programs to teach. Creating agendas that enable other members to learn and grow from one another’s vision, experience, and ingenuity.

Voice-Over Artist
Member’s with the gifts and talents to help other members verbally deliver the training and inspiration in there “Leadership Center” on-demand “Training Library”.

Graphic Designers
Member’s with the gifts and talents to help visually deliver the training and inspiration for another member’s “Training Library”.

Tech Supporters
Helping other members learn how to operate the Screencast-O-Matic, Zoom and other technologies to record and share your personal training modules.

Those with Leadership Centers keep 100% of compensation exchanged between members.
Your personal commerce center deposits
directly into your own PayPal account.